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Party Tyme Karaoke is your one-stop shop for your preferred karaoke media whether it's MP3, MP3G, MP4 downloads or CDG Karaoke discs.

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If your karaoke machine has a USB or SD Card slot you're likely looking for MP3G downloads. If you machine plays discs and you prefer to stay with traditional discs, then CDG karaoke discs are available as well.

What is an MP3G Download

MP3G (MP3 + Graphics) is the most popular download format for karaoke music. An MP3G download is 2 files with the same filename (different extensions), usually in a ZIP file (compressed). One file being an MP3 file format is the same MP3 music files you've been listening to for years. They are available for downloading all across the internet. The CDG (lyric) file that accompanies the MP3 (audio) file contains the lyrics that scroll across your screen. A karaoke player that is compatible with MP3G will also play just the MP3 (audio) file. When an MP3 file is accompanied with a CDG file, the karaoke player will cue both files and play them simultaneously resulting in music and screen lyrics.

After downloading the ZIP file, the 2 files (MP3 and CDG) will have to be extracted (decompressed) onto your HDD, then copied onto your USB Flash drive or SD Card which will be inserted into your karaoke player.